The concept for the workshop series „Molecular Interactions“ was created 2004 by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Charité and Freie Universität Berlin who were interested in new methods of the functional genomics field. Shortly after the first draft of the human genome was published, we observed a very fast development of the analytical technologies in molecular biology. The “omics” technologies created a breakthrough in modern biology allowing a fast, miniaturised and multi-parallel analysis of different types of biological samples. These new technologies enabled a completely new type of biology in all areas that was not possible before and led to new inside views of the biological systems.

The workshop series “Molecular Interactions” started with the idea to provide especially young researchers information about the recent advancements in the technologies across all life science areas and give the chance to exchange information and to network.

With the increase in knowledge about cell, tissues, organs and organisms “systems biology” became a new discipline in biology; the workshop concept integrated also an increasing number of presentations from this area over the time to respond to the fast advancing developments in this field. Since a few years also synthetic biology as a fascinating division of biotechnology is a topic addressed within “Molecular Interactions”.

Over time more interested scientists joined the organisation team of Molecular Interactions as a great opportunity to get in contact with the relevant experts of the life sciences and support the activity to transfer the fascination of the research in life sciences to students and young researchers.


In this section you find information about the last years’ workshops Molecular Interactions.